Sunday, May 6, 2007


Here's How To Make $27,979.00 From Software That Does (Almost) All The Work For You... WordBrander instantly builds cash making websites!

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An Internet Millionaire (who invented Yahoo Games) was brainstorming ways to sell advertising to websites... and came up with an undisputed, knockdown winner.

He simply placed 500 powerful keywords on a page in a random, messy order. And then let businesses pay $100 a pop to link those keywords to their websites. The day he opened his site to advertisers, he made over $20,000.00!

Using this system, churned out over $53,000.00 in 1 week. And new link directory sites are starting to appear. That's why it's important you act NOW before it's too late...

Just think of the possibilities.

Any niche... EVERY NICHE is a potential gold mine using this system. Which means someone could be getting rich in almost every market online.

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The possibilities are endless when you use your imagination. Here are just SOME of the ways I recommend using this system...

* Niche Directories — Just imagine if your link directory was full of the "Top 100 Golf Equipment Links," or the "Top 100 Adwords Resources." You'll easily generate repeat traffic and backlinks! Warning: make sure to get in early before someone else captures your niche!

* Link To Your Adsense Sites — Take advantage of a page full of links to send visitors to all your Adsense sites (and sell any keywords you don't use)! An easy way to gain more clicks!
Subscriber/Member/Customer Bonus — Build community and thank your subscribers, members or customers by offering free keywords linked to their sites from your "Buy Me A Word" site.

* Start Pages — Grow your own Internet Empire by creating "start pages" filled with interesting links. Then build traffic exponentially by requesting visitors change their home page to your "start page."

* Affiliate Link Farm — Load a page full of keywords with your affiliate links! This is an easy way to have a page full of recommendations for your list, to put in your signature file or send traffic to.

You get the same great features the other program had, and more!

* "Pick and pay" buttons make the selling process automatic. You simply find the money in your bank account!

* Maximize sales when advertisers tell you the word they're willing to pay for. Then you just approve or deny their choice.

* Randomized display of words ensures each advertiser has equal awareness power!

* Multiple word links give you double, triple, even quadruple the creativity and flexibility.

* A clean, non-messy list of words can be displayed for you when making changes or editing.

* Save time by adding large batches of keywords at the same time.

* Enjoy your power to edit or delete keywords at any time you choose.

* Sell each keyword for whatever price you want — even offer different keywords for different prices!

* Choose your own page settings!

* Easily change the site's header and footer to match the rest of your site.

* Make money with your "Buy Me A Word" affiliate link coded right on to the page.

* Are you in Europe, In Japan, in UK : that's easy, just change the currency in the config and you can start selling words in your own currency.

* Your customer has mispelled his URL when he claimed a word? No problem , you can edit all the URL from your admin panel, with the ease of 1 click!

Retail Value: $27.00
Product Rights: Personal Use Only